abbr.中华人民共和国(=People's Republic of China); 预应力钢筋混凝土(=Prestressed Reinforced Concrete)


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1. It is issued by the People's Bank of China, the monetary authority of thePRC.

2. The Law of thePRC on Officers in Active Service further clarifies and standardizes the exchange of officers.

3. The newly revised Law of thePRC on Officers in Active Service has further perfected the military service system pertaining to PLA officers.

4. The state organs of thePRC apply the principle of democratic centralism.

5. The Market provides an additional channel for foreign capital thereby enhancing the progress of the evolvement ofPRC's securities market.

6. The Law of thePRC on Penalties for Administration of Public Security specifies the punishments for prostitutes and those running prostitution rackets.

7. The current consular protection is carried out in accordance with Common Program that was established at the beginning ofPRC's foundation in 1949.

8. Now may we say a few words about thePRC Administrative Procedure Law.

9. Foreign brands quit the Chinese mainland market in the wake of the establishment of thePRC and consequent Western blockade.

10. Any endeavor to destroy and change the current political system in Tibet runs counter to thePRC Constitution and law.

1. If the non—defaulting party`s right of claiming other party to bear relevant civil liability for this. then it will be inconsistent with the legal spirit ofPRC laws, also it will be adversary to the stability and harmony 0f the marital family.

2. Marine and other products obtained byPRC ships or other instruments from the sea and their processed goods

3. Currently, directly under CCC are six bottling plants, i. e. Tianjin Coca-Cola Beverages Company, Hainan Coca-Cola Beverages Co., Ltd., Hunan COFCO Coca-Cola Beverages Ltd, Jilin COFCO Coca-Cola Beverages Ltd, Gansu COFCO Coca-Cola Beverages Ltd and Zhanjiang COFCO Coca-Cola Beverages Ltd., and with these 6 bottling plants, CCC has sales of Coca-Cola series products in 14 provinces, cities and territories ofPRC (i. e., Tianjin, Jilin, Hunan, Hainan, Jiangxi, Guizhou, Hebei, Inner Mogolia, Ningxia, Ganxu, Qinghai, Xingjiang and Tibet).

4. The percentage of the allocation of the reserve fund shall be determined by the board of directors pursuant to the relevantPRC laws and regulations.

5. The registered capital of OpCo is fully paid up according to the terms specified in its articles of association which are in conformity with the applicablePRC rules and regulations.

6. PRC的翻译

6. After thePRC established, the grain circulation systems have changed from the free buying and selling to the state monopoly for purchase and marketing, and from contracting in buying and selling to the grain marketability reform. Similarly, it`s also following this periodic change path.

7. After the founding of thePRC, the county's paper-cut art wuji made rapid development.

8. The enactment and enforcement of the Real Right Law ofPRC can be regarded as one of the most famous legal events since the foundation of our country.

9. Investment in China Special Economic Zones is published in the format of a loose-leaf book and its contents will be updated when there are major developments in thePRC legislation.

10. PRC的翻译

10. As a specific civil juristic act, transfering bill rights by endorsing should. meet validity of general civil juristic act in principle, never copy. How to apply the essentials mainly embodies endorsement—transferring actions between direct parties. The formal elements of endorsement—transferring act have been perfectly stipulated in the Commercial Instrument Law ofPRC, only that can cause the legal consequences of transferring bills. Both the essentials and formal elements decide the validity of the transferring act.

11. China Trade was established to promote and facilitate the expansion of commercial relations between the US and thePRC.

12. Acted as solicitors to the manager, underwriter and placement agent in relation to the IPO of Epure International Ltd., a Singapore company with aPRC operating subsidiary in the water and waste water treatment industry, on SGX-ST.


13. In thePRC. For investors incorporated in Hong Kong and holds at least 25% of


14. The Supreme People's Court is the highest judicial body in thePRC.

15. In enforcement of Food Safety Law ofPRC, how to bring these legal systems into full play is a problem being in need of a carefull study by regulators.

16. In china, these two certificates are issued by the State Administration for Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine of thePRC.


17. Article 19 Surveying and mapping to be conducted in the territorial air, land and waters, as well as other sea areas under the jurisdiction of thePRC by a foreign organization or individual alone or in cooperation with the relevant department or unit of thePRC shall be subject to the approval by the Government of thePRC or by the department authorized by it.

18. College of Geography and Tourism, Qufu Normal University, 273165, Qufu, Shandong,PRC
唐顺英;孙晋芳(曲阜师范大学地理与旅游学院,山东曲阜 273165

19. Previously non-PRC companies will not exposed toPRC income tax on worldwide income since it is not incorporated in China.

20. Discounting is generally not allowed underPRC accounting regulations.

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