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1. Adhering to the development concept of " returning tonature and enjoying art ", thepark is a fantastic paradise on the earth.

2. One reason may be that members of the "nature organization " liberally littered plastic food wrappers as they fed the monkeys along thepark roads.

3. Thenature reserve andpark is a paradise for photographers both professional and amateur, andnature has already prepared the setting for good pictures.

4. Nestling in the hinterland of Dabie Mountain on the southwestern corner of Jinzhai county, this is a nationalnature reserve and a national forestpark.

5. This time, thepark letnature take its course and didn't incubate the eggs.

6. Now thepark provides a balance between its role as anature reserve and its economic benefits.

7. Located at the north end of Beijing's central axis, the concept of the Olympic ForestPark is called " Axis toNature ".

8. This has meant there is little for pandas to eat in Gansu's Baishuijiangnaturepark.

9. Thepark is praised as the paradise on earth and it is an attractive destination for tourists to be close tonature.


1. Relentlessly shot, trapped, and poisoned, even innature reserves, gray wolves were gone from the West by the 1930s. In 1974, when Canis lupus was declared endangered in the lower 48 states, the gray wolf population was confined to a corner of northern Minnesota and Michigan's Isle Royale NationalPark out in Lake Superior.

2. After finishing the cleanup work, you can wear loose sportswear and go out to be close to thenature, for example, seeing the sea, sunrise and sunset, or going to thepark.

3. One need only walk for five minutes anywhere in the city in order to reach apark or forest. One might perhaps reasonably attribute this condition to the German people's characteristic love ofnature combined with a propensity to anticipate troubles, with the result that their city planning tends to beforward-looking.

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4. Through analyzing the utility of sports ecological resources in the Suzhou International EducationalPark, this paper points out that while the cluter advantages of sports ecological resource utility should be yieled, the potential of internal resources should also be fully played to give the fullest play and to maintain sustainable development, which is realized through planning, utilization and development of the sports resources with the idea of keeping in harmony the people, the sports and thenature.

5. Based on the old tree varieties baldNature Reserve Base as an example, the forest trees from the building construction technology base, thepark site selection and reforestation, and base management, and other areas were also discussed, put forward in the process of building bases should pay attention to the problem.

6. There is an old bridge in thenaturepark.
的意思 在自然公园里有一座古。

7. Hexiangujiamiao, the Millennium Panlong Guteng, Fengtai, pay homage, Moshoushi, left trail of ancient sea, the golden Buddha Temple, at Temple De Zhu Ancestral Hall, Yanta, Fung tower, melon Ridge ancient villages attract many sites at home and abroad Visitors eyes; Zengcheng guesthouses, flowers hotels, the Sun City Hotel, the new hotel is booming, overseas hotel, Phoenix hotel, the Arc de Triomphe Hotel, Restaurant pegged Luwan, Gualu Plaza shopping center, Xintang cattle Aberdeen clothing City, Zengcheng Square tourist services and facilities so that visitors流连忘返; South China, Xian Village, Lai Lake, Ziyun Hill Golf Course, and many other visitors to swing freely, enjoy the sun, air and green of the fun by City litchi Cultural Village, flowers Villa Resort, white Shuiqian scenic area, the closure of FairviewPark Gate, the Asian life hot springs resorts, Hexiangu tourist scenic areas, the source Chapter Villa, Jinli Court agro-ecologicalpark, GufengPark, the Hang ForestPark, banana Shiling ForestPark, Lanxi litchi ditch, the Hang ecological Daguanyuan, Shucunsimiao rice production bases, surplusPark, mu Dongguashan ecologicalpark of the ecological and leisure visitors to the spirituality back tonature; litchi festival, Xiangu Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Buddha Festival, Xiangu attained Festival, SHE customs, and other nongovernmental Folk Culture and Tourism Festival and litchi, vegetables heart Food Festival, Dengshanjie, denim Fashion Festival to receive visitors extraordinary lively.

8. Bitterfeld still produces chemicals, but hundreds of well-groomed firms have replaced the cheerless Kombinat, and the chemicalpark now looks out over anature reserve.

9. Registered capital of 48.75 million, covers an area of 59000m2, production base is located in the Sanjiang Plain Wetland Protection Area's largest, the National GeologicalPark, NationalNature Reserve, north latitude 45 degrees, the internationally recognized Sunshine Strip - Mishan City, Heilongjiang Province, and its Xingkai territory for one of the world's three major community lake, is the world's rare one of uncontaminated water.

10. Sea World-like atrium, modern large-scale children's activities, plastic playground, children's leisure pool, a swimming pool, sand pool, a climbing wall, fountain and a large variety of toys for the children's activities provided a good condition. More than 800 square meters of the unique ecologicalpark for children to explore the mysteries ofnature, to experience the fun of the working world.

11. Sanchahe area is located in Huaishang region of Bengbu city. In this area wetlands resource is abundant. There are three bignature wetlands: Sanchahe, Huangmagou are swampland, Fishing Lake is lacustrine wetland, Beifeihe River is fluvial wetland. We researchd thenature resource and ecosystem of Sanchahe area in October 2005, based on it did the concepet planning of the wetlandpark.

12. Currently the city has 13 scenic spot s for 3A level, 3 NationalNature Reserve, 3 National ForestPark, a national geological parks, 5 national water scenic, 8 national key cultural relics protection units.

13. Fan Au-shuan, a seventh grader from the Experimental middle school, held his first drawing exhibition from November 23-25 at the SciencePark Administration Building. His drawings of Hualien rivers and carp feeding convey his love fornature. The firmness of his brush strokes and the cleverness of his drawings make it hard to believe that he is just twelve.

14. We hope that there'll be tens of thousands of deer in thenaturepark someday.

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15. The construction of thepark has no profitnature, which is accompanied by huge economic and social interests.

16. MudanPark consists of shale exposure, it is thenature`s outdoor classroom.

17. At present, the biggestnaturepark for milu deer

18. At present, the biggestnaturepark for milu deer in Chian is the Nanhaizi MiluPark, which is about 20 kilometers south of Beijing.

19. There are under construction in the wild battle, fishing barbecue, a large water themepark such as `` is that you leave the city taste of island life, into the embrace ofnature, so tired physically and mentally there is a good place for relaxation.

20. Driving paths wind through the lovely 200-acrepark, which is popular among birders, photographers andnature lovers.

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