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Youth League是什么意思 Youth League在线翻译 Youth League什么意思 Youth League的意思 Youth League的翻译 Youth League的解释 Youth League的发音 Youth League的同义词
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1. He graduated from the philosophy department of Heilongjiang University and began working at the Central Committee of the CommunistYouthLeague of China in 1982.

2. Statistics from the CommunistYouthLeague Central Committee recorded 34 million registered volunteers nationwide, who did at least 48 hours of voluntary work by 2011.

3. More than a tenth of households in China's big urban centres remain childless, according to the latest survey by theYouthLeague Committee of Beijing.

4. More and more volunteering groups are based on communities, in addition to those attached to the CommunistYouthLeague.

5. The event was sponsored by Hubei provincial committee of the CommunistYouthLeague with the support of China Southern Airlines.

6. Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Terry Smerling placed conditions on the probation, including that only 400 hours of the community service could involve theyouth footballleague.

7. Officials with theYouth BaseballLeague of New Haven say they will disband Scott's team because his coach won't stop him from pitching.

8. TheYouthLeague has sent volunteers to the remote western areas of the country, and to developing countries such as Laos and Ethiopia.

9. He was once deputy director of the General Office of the Chinese CommunistYouthLeague and director of theleague's publicity department.

10. YINCHUAN - A former China CommunistYouthLeague official in Northwest China was sentenced Tuesday to 16 years in jail for graft and accepting bribes.

1. Office party: The party in charge of discipline inspection, trade unions, CommunistYouthLeague, women's federations of the day-to-day affairs, the coordination of the Office of the relationship between; responsible for the organization, propaganda, ideological and cultural progress, united front, the Overseas Chinese Affairs (Federation of Returned Overseas), planning, statistics, Letters and visits, labor and personnel, secretarial and administrative services, logistics and so on.

2. She joined theYouthLeague two years ago.

3. By the end of 2004, glory be invited take part in by the CommunistYouthLeague Central Committee, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the NationalYouth Federation, co-sponsored the 2004 WRSA returned overseas scholars Chengdu leg of entrepreneurship week.

4. We together with the Central Committee of theyouthleague had a science and technology camp with thousands of people during summer vacation in 2001. To suit the flourishing development of traveling and meet the need of market economy, we organized ourselves again in 2003 including Beijing Railway international Travel Service, Xin Da Co.

5. Zhang Sizhong of Health in March 1958, Republican village township small water. 1985 Northwest Normal University graduate studies in the Department of Education. From 1974 to 1993, successively as the Office of the Director-General Jingyuan Normal School, secretary of the CommunistYouthLeague, vice chairman of the Senate, the chief of the student level, and so on. From 1993 to 1995 successively as deputy director of the Office of the District Hirakawa, experimental schools, such as lead director of the Office of the post office in 1995 Hirakawa, a secondary school principal. In 2000, he served as secondary school principals Hirakawa (vice-county).
张思忠 1958年3月生,共和乡小水村人。1985年西北师大教育系进修毕业。1974至1993年,先后任靖远师范学校办公室干事、团委书记、教务副主任、学生科科长等职。1993至1995年先后任平川区委办公室副主任,实验中学筹建办公室主任等职,1995年任平川中学校长。2000年,任平川中学校长﹙副县﹚。

6. Dr. Xiaowen of the CommunistYouthLeague and the school teachers David we see in the front row reserved for the leadership of the excess space, let hallway of struggling students to sit down.

7. According to the needs to work and social development, we delimitate the committeemen into 9 sectors, which is, Government Functionaries, Business, Politics and Law, Community,Youthleague, Education, Science, Health care, Arts and Sport, Publicizes, Democratic Parties and National Minorities of China.

8. He said the north of Nanjing from the shogunate to Qixiashan Hill, most of the riverside slope and峭立so north of the development of the space is restricted, there is little room for stretching; the eastern side of the barrier as a result of the Purple Mountain, Nanjing, only four out of the main channel (锁金village: the town of Nanjing Road; Zhongshan Gate: Tom Nanjing Road: fork junction: Li River Nanjing Road: the CommunistYouthLeague Rd south to General Hill).

9. DRYING OUT: Ron Chopoorian, a volunteer at CranstonLeague for Cranston's Future, a boys and girlsyouth organization, swept water out of the gymnasium, Friday in Cranston, RI The gymnasium had floodwater from the Pawtuxet River 4 feet high.


10. Secretary of Labor and Health Ministry of Railways, the Finance Secretary, Transport Bureau, Public Security Bureau, Ministry of Railways of the Political Department of the Propaganda Department, the National Railway Workers General Union, directly under the authority of party committees, the National RailroadYouthLeague, the Ministry of Railways Party, the people, such as railway department is responsible for the newspaper in light of its own people communicate the job work experience in the fight against AIDS.

11. Throughout the country last year, as more and more children below the age of nine participated inyouth-league softball and soccer, over 80, 000 of these young players suffered injuries.
children below nine in softball injuries 论断:P应该停止组织九岁以下孩子的体育竞赛。因为它的坏处大于它的好处。

12. Pay and welfare: You sign an internship agreement with the employer and get a salary of about 500 to 600 yuan per month, and accident insurance from the localyouthleague.

13. Educated by theyouthLeague, she has made rapid progress.

14. Youth League

14. I am a student of class 12 in the second grade of the 171st Middle School, Beijing, a member of the CommunistYouthLeague, the Three-Virtues (moral, intellectual and physical educations) student in the district, and I am a monitor in the class. I was admitted to the 171st middle school with the excellent school grade and calligraphy specialty in 2001, Recall arduous teaching and hopes many teachers and my parents have given and built on me during my growth. At home, Mother takes care of me in every possible way, which makes me grow up in a good health. Father disciplines me in both stern and kindly way. In daily study he guides me with knowledge consistently, which has broaden my thinking, enriched my knowledge, and when I have a difficulty in studying, he helps me to analyze the question patiently, and always encourages me to take it easy. in school all teachers put themselves out of the way to educate me so that I have made a great progress in study and learned a lot of cultural knowledge. Especially under the education of the teacher in charge of the class, I have entered the society gradually, become a member of CommunistYouthLeague from a child who didn ` t know much about the world; become a class cadre from an ordinary student.

15. In August 1926, he was in Wuhan, the National Revolutionary Army 1st Division 1st regiment commander when either accept the revolutionary ideas, in September the same year took part in the CommunistYouthLeague, to join the revolution.

16. Based on an analysis of the significance of strengthening the cultural quality-oriented education for the students, the essay suggests the chief ways for the CommunistYouthLeague to promote the education

17. Responsibilities: In charge of nationality and religion, Justice Bureau, Taiwan Affairs Office; contact Intermediate Court, Municipal Procuratorate, Municipal National Security Agency, Disabled Federation, Labor Union, CommunistYouthLeague, Women's Federations Retired Veteran Cadres, military.

18. People in the photo: Distinguish Guests in the last row: Mr Shen Qianfan, Deputy Director of BOCOG Volunteer Department and Vice Secretary General of the BeijingYouthLeague; Mr Dong Hong, Deputy Director General of China International Center for Economic and Technical Exchanges; Mr. Liu Jian, BOCOG Volunteer Dept Director and BeijingYouthLeague Secretary General; Mr Khalid Malik, UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in China; Mr. Achim Steiner, United Nations Under Secretary-General and Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme; Distinguish Guests in the second row: Ms Tessa Jowell, Minister of London and the Olympics; Volunteer representative Xiong Shujuan; Volunteer representative Liang Suhui; Volunteer representative Zhao Du; Volunteer representative Sun Fangchui; Ms Zhou Xun, actress and UNDP China National Goodwill Ambassador.
照片中人物说明:最后一排主要嘉宾依次为:北京奥运会志愿者工作协调小组办公室副主任、共青团北京市委员会副书记沈千帆,中国国际经济技术交流中心副主任董洪,北京奥组委志愿者部部长、共青团北京市委书记刘剑先生,联合国系统驻华协调员、联合国开发计划署驻华代表马和励先生,联合国副秘书长、联合国环境规划署署长Achim Steiner,第二排主要嘉宾依次为:英国政府负责伦敦及奥运事务大臣Tessa Jowell女士,志愿者代表熊树娟,志愿者代表梁苏会,志愿者代表赵度,志愿者代表孙芳垂,联合国开发计划署中国亲善大使、著名演员周迅女士。

19. That was in 1982, I was the second hospital in Lanzhou City Clinic, the people, just reform, I was secretary of the CommunistYouthLeague, ayouth member of the leadership task is critical closure repair funding.

20. However the tough centre half and Franceyouth captain never made a first team appearance in a competitive match for the Reds, although he was an unused substitute for the first team during the ChampionsLeague tie in FBK Kaunas last season.

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